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Terms of stay

                                     Terms of stay


Please review the terms of stay in our villa; it will let all of us avoid unwanted situations and we will be able to focus on providing you with pleasant and enjoyable stay.

  1. The rooms are rented for days. A hotel night begins at 3:00 pm and the check-out time is 10:00 am the following day. In special situations it is possible to arrive earlier or check out later at no extra cost, this however must be agreed on beforehand.

  2. The payment is collected on the day of arrival, according to the booking dates for the room. In the case of earlier than agreed and planned departure the total amount due for the stay remains the same.

  3. The guests are obliged to check in immediately after their arrival. In order to confirm the identity, the guests are obliged to show a photo ID (Art. of the 10.04.1974 law on the population register and identity cards, Journal of the Laws of 2001, number 87 item 960).

  4. The guest should notify the owners of the damage immediately after its detection.

  5. The villa is not responsible for any damage or loss of a car or other vehicle belonging to the guest.

  6. Night quiet time starts at 10:00 pm and lasts till 6:00 am.

  7. The guest may not make the room available for other persons even if the period paid for is not finished.

  8. In the area of the building, ie corridors or common spaces for guests of the Villa with the exclusion of rooms and the conference and banquet room, a strict ban on alcohol consumption is obligatory.

  9. The facility may refuse providing further services to those guests who disturb the order and do not respect the terms and regulations of the facility during their stay; they may be requested to leave the premises immediately without the possibility of receiving the refund of the amount paid for the stay.

  10. The facility does not take any responsibility for any valuables or money left in the rooms nor for loss or damage to any vehicles belonging to the guests.

  11. The guests are liable for any damage to the equipment, furnishing or technical devices resulting from the fault of the guests.

  12. Due to the fire protection as well as general safety requirements, it is not allowed to use heaters, microwave ovens, air heaters, gas devices or any other electrical devices or equipment which are not already part of the room furnishing. This does not include chargers and electrical appliances as well as computer power units.

  13. Personal effects left by the guests in the room will be sent at their expense to the address given. If such instructions are not received, the left items will be kept for the period of one month and then scrapped.

  14. Members of the public are not given any information concerning our guests.

  15. Vehicle parking is allowed only in designated areas. Parking area is monitored.

  16. Taking into consideration the comfort and safety of our guests, we introduced a NON-SMOKING POLICY in the entire facility except designated spots.

  17. You must not move furniture in the rooms in any circumstances.

  18. The guests are under and obligation to leave the keys after the stay period is over. In case of losing the key you are obliged to pay 200 PLN.

Should you have any comments or remarks concerning oversights, please report them to the owners.

Thank you for taking time to review this letter. We would like to wish you a good stay at our facility.